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Written by Josh Pressnell   
Sunday, 06 June 2010 17:27
The world of geocaching has never been so accessible or so competitive!
In Treasure, players compete to see who can build the biggest stash of gold. But be careful! Gold held in your treasure chest doesn't gain value, and once you've placed your gold out in the world, other players will be sure to notice...
Treasure is a massively multiplayer social networking-enabled virtual geocaching game. When you join the game, you are setup with 500 gold in a safe treasure chest and one robot minion to help collect loot. From then on, how you gain gold is up to you.
  • Go out into the world and stash your gold - Buried loot gains approximately 10% every day it stays buried. But be careful... other players can scan and steal your gold, so guard it well. 

  • Go out into the world and find buried gold - Every day you get five free basic scans to find buried treasure near you. Purchase more basic scans in the General Store... or purchase Premium scans to see all the treasure within twenty miles of you.
    • NOTE - You MUST be within 400 meters of your target stash to be able to dig up gold.
  • Send minions out to haul back gold - You start with one robot minion. Minions aren't smart, so if they encounter trapped gold, they'll just set off the trap and head home, but if they find un-trapped gold, they'll bring it back to you. Lots of gold, no travel!

To keep your gold safe, you can set traps on your stashes. The one-time-use traps are available for purchase with gold. Persistent traps come back to you after being set off and must be purchased at the General Store:
  • Sphinx Guardian - Asks a random trivia question of would-be thieves. If the question is answered correctly, the thief gets away with your gold. But if the question is answered incorrectly, the Sphinx protects your stash for at least twenty four hours.
  • Shock Plates - Immediately shocks would-be thieves and protects your stash for at least twenty four hours.

  • More coming soon!
  • Interactive geocaching game using your iPhone/iPad location services.
  • Integration with Twitter, so you can let your friends know what you're up to.
  • Integration with OpenFeint for world leaderboards and achievements.
  • Become a master thief!! Set off 100 traps and you'll be able to see what trap is on the stash BEFORE you pick it up or send a minion out for it.
  • Random Gold - Unowned gold is present EVERYWHERE in the world. All you have to do is go out and find it!
  • Special Objects - The game will periodically drop special objects at highly traveled locations in the world (well-known tourist spots). Find and pick these items up for OpenFeint achievements and bragging rights!
**** Think I can do better or have an idea to improve the game? EMAIL ME! I'll happily entertain all ideas! ****

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